Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Raccoons and Opossums 2.24.15

I’ve seen a momma Raccoon and 3 little ones come in the yard off and on for about a month. Lately 2 have been coming in together. I think it might be 2 of the kits.


I’ve also seen 3 different size Opossums come in. This is the smallest of the 3. From the looks of it’s R ear it has been in a scrap or two.


They definitely are not the cutest little animal on the block…


The medium sized one just showed up.

010 c

Both of the cats were on the porch….neither of them paid any attention to the Opossums….and they Opossums did not have any problem with the Raccoons.

This is my backyard…no pesticides or herbicides so there are lots of bugs for the critters and weeds….at least it is green.

Sure do like my critters…..

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Honey Bees at the “Frog Pond” 2.7.15

My sister, Joanne, gave me this little concrete “frog pond” a few years ago. I put it on the rear deck to catch the drips from the down spout. There is a lot of condensation early morning. It keeps water in it all the time.


It was originally intended for the cats…but the Honey Bees decided they liked it too.


I added the rocks to give the bees a way to get out of the water if they fell in. Sometimes a drop will splatter and hit one of them.

You can see it’s a popular spot even though many of the bees go to the bird bath.


Enjoy the video. I had a couple of bees land on my shoulder while I was taking video and photos…no stings…just curious what I was.

Love these little gals.